Furniture design

Artefacto is attentive to trends, technologies, materials and the entire creative universe of furniture design.

Furniture production

At the factory we have teams of motivated, qualified professionals who pay attention to detail. The production quality of our furniture is recognised by our customers.

Interior design

Only the scale is th changes now. If, in addition to furniture, you would also like Artefacto to imagine spaces in your home, store, office or company, please contact us. Artefacto is a leader and a benchmark in the optical sector, in terms of furniture production, displays and store design. We have experience and we know how to do it well.

Interior work

At Artefacto, we guarantee the coordination of different teams and specialties, with a pre-defined budget that is validated in advance, thus avoiding any kind of slippage in terms of deadlines or finances for your project. This solution gives our customers complete peace of mind.

Virtual models

Through the 3d projection of what will be their space, each client obtains, with a high degree of realism, a previous portrait of what will be their future space. It is through this service that it is possible to introduce changes and improvements to the ideas initially established while still in the design phase.

Integrated solution

From the first sketch, through to the project, not forgetting the 3D projection with a high degree of realism, ending with the management and coordination of different specialties on site, Artefacto is able to offer its clients a whole “turnkey” concept, with no surprises either in terms of the budget previously set or in terms of meeting deadlines.

We'll find the best solution for your space!